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About Us

Where people will choose to live, work and play



The Element is a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to create a healthy, stable, downtown environment where people will choose to live, work and play, and to increase opportunities for economic development, business activity, housing and cultural events.

The Element is a community development organization that aims to foster a spirit of creativity and innovation that benefits professionals, artists, and our entire community. 


Our objective is to transform Rockford into a more artist-friendly place by promoting and supporting artists, creatives, and innovators. In this effort, we are also focused on developing Artist housing and cooperating in developing a Maker Center.


We’re dedicated to making Rockford a desirable city for professionals who value culture and want to live and work in an innovative environment. It’s about championing creativity.


Are you creative in any way, shape, or form? Or maybe you just enjoy being around creative endeavors? If you love the creative arts—The Element is for you.  Join us or support us. Click the links below to begin helping make Rockford a better place to live and work today!

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